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Are you haunted by your criminal past? If an arrest, charge, or conviction has been following you around and making it difficult to obtain jobs, housing, loans, or to improve your life, you may be eligible to expunge your record. Through the process of expungement, you will be legally and permanently sealing your records and offering only restricted access to your background for law enforcement, federal officials, and others who may conduct background checks.

An expungement of records can allow you to move forward with your life and achieve your goals. Terrence P. Kirby can help determine your eligibility to file for expungement. If you want to learn if you are eligible for expungement, contact our offices as soon as possible for a FREE CONSULTATION. We are ready to help you!


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Many times, divorces are contentious, provoking feelings of animosity and vindictiveness. However, a marriage doesn't have to end in an expensive and hurtful fight. Some couples can dissolve their marriage and settle relevant issues through an uncontested divorce.

A non-contested divorce can be accomplished by written agreement without the need for anyone to appear in court. Uncontested divorces can be accomplished relatively quickly, and can avoid attendance at divorce court, costs, unnecessary animus, and stress on children of the marriage. If you feel you and your spouse can negotiate most of your issues, please contact me, so that we can start the process of dissolving your marriage in an orderly and efficient manner.

I can complete your non-contested divorce for as little as $425.00 plus filing fee. Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

Guardianship: You may find yourself in a position where you need court approval and appointment as a guardian to care for a parent, a grandchild, an adult child or even a minor child.


The Indiana Specialized Drivers Permit is a great new law that allows more drivers to qualify and get back on their feet.

The Basics

Indiana Code 9-30-16 applies to drivers who's Indiana license is currently under suspension either by the BMV or by and Indiana Court. The new Indiana Specialized Drivers Permit is possible for anyone who meets the eligibility requirements.

At its basic level, IC 9-30-16 is ultimately a law that grants Indiana courts and Indiana judges the ability to grant a stay of suspension, or specialized driving privileges to any individual that has had their license suspended. This applies to both court ordered suspensions as well as suspensions that come directly from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. This is different than the old Hardship licenses laws. With court ordered suspensions, the court imposing the suspension may now stay the suspension for a time period of at least 180 days. Regardless of the exact offense, if a person is deemed eligible, specialized driving privileges may be granted and could include the following.

  • Ignition interlock
  • Driving during certain hours
  • The ability to drive between specific locations.
  • To and From work
  • Pick up children from daycare
  • Take children to school
  • Drive for doctors appointments
  • Drive to court related events

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We are happy to draft simple wills for as little as $75.00.

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