Marion County Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are among the millions of North Americans dealing with debt problems and are struggling to pay your monthly bills, The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney at law can provide you with the facts about filing for bankruptcy and inform you of a range of bankruptcy alternatives. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby works closely with clients under financial stress in the Indianapolis region and will evaluate your specific situation and provide hope as well as practical solutions.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel Before You Decide

Whether you are facing financial hardship due to job loss, divorce, illness, injury or any other reason, choosing an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is crucial in ensuring you receive the best legal counsel and undertake the bankruptcy options that are most suitable to your particular situation. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney at law will help you determine the best method for you.

Get the Facts About Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 – An opportunity to discharge your debts, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you a chance to leave the past behind and look forward financially. Most unsecured debt can be eliminated excluding the assets you wish to retain such as your house or car and other exempt assets necessary to everyday functioning. An experienced Indianapolis lawyer, The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby will represent you in court for this type of filing and is available to answer all of your questions regarding a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 – A debt consolidation plan, Chapter 13 filings provide you with a chance to repay all of your debt on an adapted plan that better suits your needs. A client may be permitted to keep all of their property including house and car with this option since it is specifically designed to protect the assets of individuals who are behind in their monthly payments and who seek to protect them from repossession and foreclosure. In particular, those who struggle with making regular payments due to high interest rates and because of other supplementary fees that are often added on when payments are late, will find much needed relief with the filing a Chapter 13 debt consolidation plan. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby provides legal counsel and a complete financial analysis to help you determine whether a Chapter 13 is the right option for you.

A Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer Will Make all the Difference

An experienced Indianapolis lawyer can make all the difference in negotiating your particular cases for consumer debt relief. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney will guide and direct you through the entire process of bankruptcy or any of the following alternatives.

The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby services include:

  • Effective Negotiation and Court Representation
  • Debtor Creditor Litigation
  • Debt Negotiation and Settlement
  • Debt Management and Consolidation
  • Credit Restructuring and Rebuilding
  • Avoiding Foreclosure
  • Contractual Breaches
  • Property Tax Appeals
  • Professional Negligence
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Utility Shut Off
  • Problems with the IRS

Even if you are unsure whether filing for bankruptcy is right for you, consulting with an experienced attorney is the best way to ensure you understand all legal options available to you when facing a financial crisis. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney at law in Indianapolis dispels the myths about bankruptcy and offers solid financial resolutions to any debt problem.