Indianapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you being overwhelmed by constant calls from creditors? Do you struggle to keep up with monthly bills including mortgage and credit card payments? Have you been threatened with a potential lawsuit for your unpaid debts? The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney at law will assess your situation and recommend the most appropriate bankruptcy options according to your particular requirements. Declaring bankruptcy is no longer a hopeless situation. Make sure you are aware of the options available to you before making any decisions by consulting with a knowledgeable Indianapolis lawyer experienced with handling Chapter 7 filings and offering other bankruptcy alternatives.

Bankruptcy Can Happen to Anyone

Many people may not realize that personal bankruptcy is really often only one bad decision away. A whole range of lifecycle experiences can bring about serious financial problems. If you or your partner loses a job, gets sick or is injured, for example, the resulting mounting household debt or medical bills may mean that filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the most practical option.

Understanding all of Your Options

Many people may not even realize that most unsecured debt including, credit card debt, medical bills and loans or lines of credit can actually be eliminated with a Chapter 7 filing. Clear away the myths about filing for bankruptcy by discussing your financial problems with an experienced Indianapolis lawyer who can inform you of the real facts about bankruptcy law and offer a full range of financial options. Consult with The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby to determine your eligibility for a Chapter 7 filing or other bankruptcy alternatives which can include:

Debt Workout - Under the legal counsel of an experienced lawyer, debtors can forge out an agreement with creditors for extended payment terms and/or reduced interest rates.

Debt Settlement – In certain cases, creditors may be willing to make a settlement for less than the full amount of a debt. An experienced debt settlement lawyer can approach your creditors and negotiate a lump sum payment for considerably less than the original debt

Loan Modification – Loss mitigation may be an option when handled with the expertise of The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney at law. Learn more about how a credit agreement may be modified through programs that help you avoid foreclosure on your home.

Seeking protection under the Bankruptcy code may not always be appropriate. The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby in Indianapolis evaluates the impact in combination with the specific criteria of your situation and provides relief and practical solutions for your financial distress.

Chapter 11 for Business Bankruptcy

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy can provide clients with the flexibility needed to reorganize their business affairs. Consult with our Indianapolis The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby attorney as soon as possible to benefit from expert legal counsel that can restructure debt and keep your business running.

Bankruptcy Facts

Did you know that when filing for bankruptcy in Indianapolis:

  • Most of your property can be fully protected.
  • You can file even while earning a decent income.
  • It is not a sign of financial failure but a step forward to a better financial future!